Experiencing a Nuisance Wildlife Problem? We are the experts in animal control and removal.



Animal Damage control understands the needs of our residential clients and will make the stressful task
of removing wildlife from your home worry free with a 30 day guarantee

Steve Toth and his team promise to:


  • Respond promptly to all inquiries
  • Provide a quote based on the scope of your needs
  • Safely and humanly remove or remediate all nuisance wildlife in a biologically correct manner, observing all local, state and federal regulations
  • Construct barriers to prevent re entry and repair damage cause by the invasive wildlife
  • Guarantee our work with a 30 day warranty


Commercial & Municipal

The professional wildlife biologists at Animal Damage Control have the experience
and expertise to manage your large scale nuisance wildlife problem

Steve Toth and his team will:


  • Provide initial consultation, site evaluation and recommendations.
  • Create a detailed cost estimate and timeline
  • Present a written plan to all project stakeholders
  • Manage and implement humane and biologically correct nuisance wildlife remediation programs
  • Train and educate staff
  • Furnish detailed assessment reports and recommendations for future activity
  • Act as your media representative on all public relations matters pertaining to wildlife.


Beaver Damage

Beaver and Deer

The humane remediation of beaver and deer are complex logistical and regulatory problems. Steve Toth and his team of experienced wildlife biologists and technicians will solve this problem for you or your business in an efficient manner that complies with all state and federal statutes.

Our services include


  • A site inspection by our biologists to determine the presence of deer and or beaver, their numbers and the amount of damage that the heard or colony has caused.
  • A comprehensive quote
  • Facilitate the acquiring of all necessary permits and interfacing with all interested government agencies.
  • The biologically correct, safe and human removal or remediation of the heard or colony to ecologically sustainable levels
  • The continued monitoring of the site for new activity and the implementation of an on going Managment plan.
  • Act as the media representative as needed.

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